What is The Corporate Human?

We have been around since 2016, providing PMP Bootcamp and Scrum certification training.  We are The Corporate Human because we believe in people first philosophy.  In a highly competitive corporate world, we always remember to treat people with respect and dignity.  We not only educate with our actions and philosphy, TCH leads by example and believes in inpsiring anyone who interacts with us.

What kinds of services do we offer?

At TCH, you'll find online self training, intructor led virtual live training conducted by certified professionals, private 1-1 training, corporate training, and on site training.

What is our PMP Money Back Guarantee?

When you enroll in the PMP bootcamp, you'll be required to attend class on time, complete all homework assigments as instructed, follow class rules, take the exam within 10 days of completing the class, and should you be unsuccessful in your first attempt, you'll be given 1-1 private training at no additional cost in areas you find most challenging.  You'll also attend another bootcamp at no additional cost.  But rest assured, none of our students have had to go through this process, our teaching methodology is so effective!

Which certified institute is offering Scrum, Agile, and Six Sigma Certifications?

SMStudy and 6SigmaStudy are a leading and recognized certifications in the industry.  We are an Authorized Training Provider (A.T.P) with Scrum Study and 6 Sigma Study.  These trainings are only available through their ceritified training providers.  Please reach out to us if you have any additional questoins.

Why should you trust our services?

We are transparent and flexible in accomodating our students.  Your success is our priority!  We understand that market competition is fierce, hence, we not only teach, we prepare you to be agile and tailor your leadership style to make any project a success.

Are our instructors certified?


I don't understand the sequence of Scrum Certifications.

Here you go!



I don't understand the sequence of Six Sigma Certifications.

Here you go!

I'm not sure how to fill out the PMP Certification Application. I've been told it's difficult.

Worry not! Reach out to us, we will help you fill out the application once you become our student.  IT IS NOT DIFFICULT! Don't let anyone talk you out of it.  Be sure to check eligibility requirements.

Why do you offer a 2 week PMP Bootcamp, compared to a 4 day bootcamp?

From experience, we learned that 2 weeks (10 days, 3 1/2 hours daily) gives our students just enough time to grasp material, take quizes, ask questions, get sufficient exam practice, and pass the exam without having to spend countless hours studying.  However, we encourage you to take the exam at the end of 2 weeks.  We are also focused on catering to professionals with extremely busy schedules.  Our course allows them to spend a few hours daily, study on daily basis, and spend weekend reviewing and taking quizzes and exams.