Become a Marketing Research Pro

Online Self Training (180 Days)

SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Professionals facilitate well-planned marketing research methods to measure factors that drive better corporate decision making and in turn more decisive marketing actions. Marketing Research can be conducted on all Aspects of Sales and Marketing. SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Professionals test multiple marketing hypotheses to better understand consumer behavior, finalize product features, define metrics for marketing efforts and track and improve marketing activities.

Successful candidates will be awarded the SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Professional certification by SMstudy® after passing the exam.

SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Professional
Prerequisite Experience Prerequisite Education Target Audience
None Preferably SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Associate Anyone interested in becoming a Marketing Research Professional

Audience Profile

This certification is appropriate for anyone interested in becoming a Marketing Research Professional.


There is no formal prerequisite required for this certification. However, it is preferable to complete the SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Associate certification and study the recommended processes in the SMstudy® Guide – Marketing Research book before applying for the SMstudy® Certified Marketing Research Professional certification. All required resources are provided as part of the online certification course.

Duration Validity

180 Days from the date of purchase

What is included?

Online + Mobile App

  • 100+ courses
  • Videos, Study Guides
  • Chapter Tests
  • Important terms and concepts
  • SMstudy Mobile App

Classroom Study Material

  • SMstudy Guide - Marketing Research, A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing Research
  • Marketing Research Professional Student Workbook
  • Marketing Research Professional Chapter Test Booklet
  • Marketing Research Professional Student Case Study 1
  • Marketing Research Professional Student Case Study 2

Certification Exam

Physical Certificate (Please note: Average duration of shipment delivery is 10-15 days)

How to earn Professional Level Certification

  1. Take the exam
    1. Schedule the two hour proctored exam. You need to submit relevant documents (if required).
    2. SMstudy® verifies the application; confirms the exam date & time.
    3. Take the two hour proctored exam online.
  2. Upon successful completion of the exam get an online certificate.
    1. Your name will be added to the SMstudy® Certification Registry.
    2. The physical certificate will be shipped to you.
    3. If you are unable to pass the exam, you can schedule again by paying $50.