In this course you'll learn

  • Setting up a company in the US
  • Documentation required to setup a company in India
  • Travel restritions and visa requirements
  • Documents required for local work
  • Issues and challenges faced during the process
  • Opening a bank account - Who can open and account
  • Documents required to open a bank account
  • Working with your  bank in the US
  • How to conduct an FDI Transaction
  • RBI requirements in India
  • Taxation in US and India
  • Working with an accountant
  • How to register your company 
  • Obtaining GST, PAN Card
  • Challenges of working in the rural area
  • Internet connectivity
  • Website development
  • Obtaining raw material and best places
  • Obtaining Export Code and getting ready for shipping
  • Business account with shipping companies
  • Workforce challenges
  • May other topics and practical experiences
  • Obtain mock copies of what documents are required
How to setup an American business in India (On Demand)
$1500 USD $1999 USD
Prerequisite Experience Prerequisite Education Target Audience
None Anyone interested in starting export business